Duchess — as the name depicts the traditional royal noble high rank. The steaks at Duchess will speak volumes. Despite cholesterol and fat, growth hormones and antibiotics, etc... despite just about every other reason we worry about or care about oh-man! Do we love a juicy, charred, and sizzling slab of chicken or lamb or a beefy perfection? Yes! The duchess has it all.

TThe art of culinary by our expert chefs have definitely inspired or transformed people to switch from their regular meal outing to steaks.

The chef's collection of steaks goes from Boozy chicken steak with whisky (watch out!!) Thai style crab meat steak, fish and prawn steak and the vegetarians have their own place at our duchess. They can choose from spinach, cumin and basmati rice steak and mixed veg. Steak surprisingly the Fruit steak for dessert. What more?

Duchess Restaurant Location: No 84 Dr.Radhakrishnan salai, kaarakuid Restaurant complex, opp. AVM Rajeshwari, Mylapore, chennai 600004.

Restaurant Timing : 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

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For Enquiries call: 044 - 28111128, 9566188808