Freezzone established in Feb 1995 on TTK road is the main joint for ice cream lovers in Chennai. It remains a memorable joint for people of all ages for their choice of softies.

It is one of the earliest ice cream parlors to come up in the city.

Hot selling softies like Nutty crunch Sundae, Brownie Sundae, chocolate Sunday, Nutty mania, cashew Choco dip softy, Choco dip softy still remains the favorite of many.

In addition to these Softies, FreezZone now serves lip - smacking & succulent Pizzas, Sandwiches & French Fries etc. We serve you savory bites with a huge choice of Sandwiches like Grilled Sandwich,Slider Sandwich,Club Sandwich & Coleslaw Sandwich etc.

If your looking for a cool, refreshing & healthy treat ... we 've got the delicacies that can really sink your teeth into.

Restaurant Timing : 12:00 noon to 11:30 pm

For Enqueries Contact : 8754415157, 044 - 2466 1839

For contact details:9566188808, 044 - 24661839